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For some reason, when I went to see a Live Band I kept a diary of what they were like. Here are some of the original reports;

Friday 3rd October 1975: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Supporting Artist: Simon Boswell, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals.
Main Band: Camel.
Admission Fee: £ 1.40
Simon Boswell, Good guitar player, not very good singer or writer of songs.
He did five numbers, best of which was his own version of the twelve bar blues.
Camel, four men made up the band, Peter Bardens, Andy Latimer, Doug Ferguson, and Andy Ward.
Very good group, did two numbers, then whole of 'Snow Goose', went off then encore, went off, another encore, went off then another encore.
Brilliant timing, great live band, also had a slide show for 'snow Goose'.

Friday 10th October 1975: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Supporting Artist: Tea
Main Group: Baker Gurvitz Army.
Admission Fee: £1.50
Tea, a very good 5-piece band, drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals.
Band come from Switzerland, they did a 45 minute spot, and one encore.
Baker Gurvitz Army, another 5-piece band, including world famous drummer, Ginger Baker.
Also featured the Gurvitz brothers, and Mr. Snips on vocals.
They did, People, Space Machine, Hustler, Inside of me, White Room, The Artist, Sunshine of your love, and Baker did a 10-minute drum solo!
Best song was White Room.
Andy Clayton and Woo Mace also came.

Friday 31st October 1975: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Supporting Artist: G.T. Moore & the Reggae Guitars.
Main Band: Dr. Feelgood.
Admission : £ 1.60.
G.T were two drummers, 1 bongo player, bass, organ, sax, two guitars, and one singer.
Did forty minutes of Reggae music, not bad, one encore.
Dr. Feelgood, a great group! Wilko Johnson, guitar, Lee Brillaux ,singer, The big figure, drums, and John B. Sparks, bass.
The venue was packed, but we got to the front, some of the songs were:
Roxette, Down by the Jetty, Riot in cell block #9, Back in the night, Im a man, Balls of fire, and many more.
One encore, crowd going wild on Roxette. (Woo Mace came).

Friday 5th March 1976: Cambridge Corn exchange.
Support artist: Alphalpha.
Main band: Sailor.
Admission Fee: £1.40.
First band were a four-piece from London, two acoustic guitars, bass, drums, did an hour set, some pretty good songs.
Sailor, another four-piece, very good, did a two-hour set and four encores.
Great timing! Best song was their no. 1 hit, Glass of Champagne.
Good lighting too, played many instruments, a huge Mexican guitar, a harp, accordion and the nickelodeon. Andy Clayton and Fred Norman also came.

Friday 12th March 1976: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support Act: Graham Parker and the Rumour.
Main act: Thin Lizzy.
Admission Fee : £.1.40.
First act, not a bad group, did a 30 minute set.
All songs Rock n Roll, written by Parker, They were loud, but quite good.
Thin Lizzy, a very good group, Phil Lynott, Brian Downey, Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson.
A great start with the clanking of doors and locks for about one minute in the pitch black, then a flash bomb exploded and the band launched in to Jailbreak, they did a 90-minute set including, The Rocker, Sha La La, Rosalie, Suicide, Romeo and the lonely girl, Drummer did a 10-minute solo.
Got two encores. Andy Clayton also came.

Friday 19th March 1976: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support Act: Richard Barnes and Tony Hazzard.
Main Act: Camel.
Admission Fee : £1.40.
First act were two men with acoustic guitar's. Went down fairly well, but had a lot of
Trouble with feed back. Audience quite good.
Main group had the same line up as last time and just as good. They did two new song's from their new LP Moon madness was the first and then done a few pieces from snow goose, which was really good as well.
They did a twenty minute encore and then finished. They also had a slide show like before.
Gary, Fred ,Norman and Andy Clayton came.

Tuesday 8th June. 1976. Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support Act : George Hatchet Band.
Main Act : Doctor Feelgood.
Admission Fee : £1.70.
Support act were good rock band. Six piece with two guitars, drums, organ, bass and lead singer. Got a good reception and did one encore.
Doctor Feelgood played, I can tell, She does it right, Bonnie Morronie, Rolling and Tumbling Back in the night, Cell block number nine, Going back home, and Roxette. Still as good as ever. The temperature was about 70, and everyone was sweating, but it was a great show.
Andrew Dilks came and so did Andy Clayton.

Saturday 21st August. Knebworth Festival.
Support Acts : Todd Rungren, Lynyed Skinnerd, 10 CC. Don Harrison Band and Hot Tuna.
Main Act : Rolling Stones.
Admission Fee : £4.50.
Arrived at 12 noon on Friday. Got a good place on the camp site. Got up at 6am and started to queue at 7.30. Entered the arena at 9am and the Don Harrison Band came on at 12 noon for 45 mins. Hot Tuna were a sought of Cream based band and did some good songs lasting about 20 mins each. Todd Rungren's spot was very good. He played for an hour. Lynyed Skinnerd were from the U.S.A. They were very good. Best song was Alabama.
10 CC had a lot of trouble with feedback but finally got going. They did One night in Paris, I'm not in love, I'm Mandy, fly me, Rubber Bullets, and Wall street shuffle. They were a brilliant band and did one encore.
Rolling Stones hit the stage at about 11pm. They started with Satisfaction and went on to do Get off my cloud, Little red rooster, Stray cat blues, Around Around, Happy, Brown Sugar, Wild Horses, Tumbling Dice, Fool to cry, Hot Stuff, Jumping Jack Flash, Midnight Rambler, Street Fighting Man, let's spend the night together, Only rock and roll, You can't always get what you want, Honky Tonk Woman, and 2 from Billy Preston. They were fantastic and came off stage at 2am. We went home on Sunday morning. I went with my mates Woo and Andy.

Norwich St. Andrews Hall. Beatle Convention.Admission Fee £1.80.
Support Act : Young World.
Main Act : Abbey Road.
Support act not very good. Main group were brilliant. They played She loves you, Love me do, Get back, All you need is Love to name but a few.

Saturday 25th Sept. 1976.
Support Act : George Hatchet Band.
Main Act : Dr. Feelgood.
Support act came on about 8.30pm and played for 60 mins, with one encore. They put on a very good show. Same line up as last time.
Dr Feelgood came on at 10pm and played Roxette, Going back home, Stupidity, I am a man, and lots more. Brilliant show, one encore. Fred and Woo came.

Friday 27th of May 1977. Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support Act : The Adverts.
Main Act : The Damned.
Admission Fee. £1.80.
The support act consisted of two drummers, one lead singer, one girl bass player, and one guitarist. The singer looked like Johnny Rotten and they were useless. They went on for an hour with songs that all sounded the same. The Damned came on at 10.30pm.
They were, Rat Scabies (drums) Dave Vaninan (vocals) Brian Jones (guitar) Captain Senseable (bass) and were better than The Adverts. They did Feel All right, Neat Neat Neat, New Rose, Born to Kill, Stab your Back, and Fish plus a few others off their album Damned Damned Damned. They finished at 11pm.

Friday 2nd December 1977: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support act: The Yachts
Main act: The Boomtown Rats.
Admission Fee: £2.00
Support group not very good at all, all songs sounded the same.
The Boomtown Rats played for an hour, doing Joey, Do the rat, Mary of the fourth form, and encore of Looking after no. 1.

F riday 14th April 1978: Cambridge Corn Exchange.
Support group: Unknown
Main group: Wilko Johnson & the Blast furnace.
Admission Fee: £2.00
Support group quite good, a 5-piece rock n roll band.
Wilko as good as ever. Good band, Piano, drums, bass.
They did, paradise, 20 yards behind, she does it right, going back home, boom boom and more.

Friday 12th May 1978:
Support band: The British Lions
Main Band: AC/DC.
Admission Fee: £2.00
The British Lions did forty five minutes, had problems with equipment (kept going off).
Ex-members of Mott the Hoople, Boffin, Overend Watts, not a bad group.
AC/DC came on at 5 past 10 and did, Whole lotta Rosie, Let there be Rock, Riff Raff, The Jack, Bad boy Boogie, Down payment Blues, they did one encore and finished at 11.20PM.

Wednesday 15th November 1978: Hammersmith Odeon, London.
Support Act: Blazer Blazer.
Main act: AC/DC.
Admission Fee: £3.00.
Me Mitch and Brian went by car, really good theatre, all seats great view, good sound.
Blazer were quite good did 45 minutes and finished with Johnny B. Goode.
AC/DC started with Live Wire, then did, Sin City, Problem Child, Hell ain't a bad place to be, Bad Boy Boogie, The Jack, Gone Shootin', Rosie, Rocker, High Voltage, did one encore, Let There be Rock. Really Good!

Saturday 18th August 1979: Wembley Stadium, London.
Support Acts: Nils Lofgren, Stranglers, AC/DC.
Main Act: The Who.
Nils Lofgren came on at 3 PM, played a good set for about 45 minutes he did one encore.
AC/DC started with Live Wire, it was a funny mix for a start but at times was very good.
They did very good, The Jack, Walk all over you, Highway to Hell, Shot down in Flames and one encore of If you want Blood, You got it!
When the Stranglers hit the stage it was just getting dark, they finished with a firework logo of their name, went down well, but they didn't do an encore.
The Who came on at 8.15PM, and the 72,000 fans were ecstatic, went straight into Substitute, which was really good! The did, Can't Explain, Baba O'rielly, 5.15, Godfather & the punk, Pinball wizard, See me feel me, (this is where they used laser beams and smoke effects, it was amazing). Boris the spider, drowned, Who are You?, My generation, Magic Bus, sister Disco and long live Rock!
Finished at 10.10 PM with Won't get fooled Again (with thunder flashes on stadiums twin towers).
After a five minute ovation they came back to play Summertime blues and The real me.
Got home at 1.15AM.

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